Athletes Without Limits Webinar 6 a.m., March 6

In honor of the 2018 Winter Paralympics and International Women’s Day, join this Facebook Live webchat with former Paralympians and civil rights advocates to talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports.

How are these change-makers transforming their environments by fighting for disability rights, women’s rights and inclusion? How are they working with civic organizations, educational institutions and government to create change at the local and global levels?

Hold a viewing party and let your visitors ask their questions during the program on March 6 at 6 a.m. EST!

Resources/Marketing: Find programming and marketing resources at this link:

Viewing Parties: American Spaces are encouraged to hold viewing parties for this webchat as part of larger Paralympics/inclusion programs. Tweet viewing party photos using the hashtag #WithoutLimits during the program, and they will be shown live. Or send them to Please tweet or send photos within the first 30 minutes of the program.

Accessibility: The Facebook Live video player adjusts to a variety of bandwidths and will have live English captioning.