Vendor Product and Ordering Information

This information is offered in addition to the listings in the Idea Book and the Envisioning an American Space resource catalog.

Trapezoid Table Vendors and Suppliers

CHL Business Interiors
801  17th Street, NW
Suite 325
Washington, DC 20006
Tel. 202.835.1444 │ Fax 202.835.1441

This company works with trapezoid table vendor Allsteel to provide pricing and information. To complete an order, CHL would need to know:

  • Quantity of chosen Trapezoid 60”x24” table and base
  • Laminate finish for the table top
  • Paint finish for the table base
  • How would the product be ordered/paid for – purchasing may be done via purchase order or credit card
  • Where would the product be shipped:  Allsteel will ship to a point within the continental United States free of charge.  It is the responsibility of the agency/embassy to arrange shipment from that point.

Allsteel Brochures

Allsteel Aware Tables Brochure
Allsteel Core Paint
Allsteel Metalic Paint
Allsteel Patterned Laminates
Allsteel Solid Laminates
Allsteel Woodgrain Laminates

Other trapezoid table vendors

Kimball Office



iPad Bars, Laptop Cabinets/Racks/Holders and Security




Kensington (stand)