Role of Partner Hosting Institutions and Organizations

For an American Space partnership, particularly an American Corner, to be successful, both the embassy and the host institution must play an active collaborative role. While the embassy/consulate provides materials, equipment, training, guidance and special programming, the host institution is responsible for keeping the American Space operating day-to-day. To do this, the host institution

  • independently creates and presents programs on topics related to the U.S. and the five core programs in joint planning with, and with guidance from, the embassy/consulate
  • provides and maintains the physical space 
  • provides an English-speaking staff member to staff the American Space during regular hours
  • collaborates with the embassy to host embassy programs
  • promotes the American Space’s activities and resources internally and to the public
  • ensures that the American Space meets standards and reporting requirements
  • provides evaluative feedback on improving the American Space and
  • participates in the strategic planning for the American Space.