Official American Spaces Logo and Branding Guide

In early fall 2017, the Office of American Spaces revised the official American Spaces logo to reflect a stronger professional brand. Any publication or item that carries the official American Spaces logo should display this one, which is available vertical, horizontal and as a mark with no words and in full color, black or white. All versions can be downloaded below.

The horizontal design (see banner above) should be considered first. If it will not fit, the vertical (at right) may be used. The “mark” (graphic without any words) should only be used if the words “American Spaces” are included nearby in the item.

The full color and black designs are available as .jpg, .eps, .png and .tif. The white design is available as .png, .eps and .tif. The full-color logo should only be used on a white background. The black and white versions are for use on colored backgrounds – black on lighter colors and white on darker colors.

The 2017 American Spaces Brand Guide provides detailed guidance on use of the logo as well as information about the American Spaces colors and co-branding. It also contains the links to the logo files. If you have questions, please contact