Office of American Spaces Annual Report

The Office of American Spaces has released its second annual report, providing statistics and financial information for fiscal year 2016. The report outlines how the office’s total budget was allocated and presents numbers of visitors, programs and other data about the activities within the American Spaces. The report shows… that an American Spaces budget of $13,959,816 was allocated to more than 500 American Spaces around the world, and that the American Spaces received more than 44 million visits in FY 2016. It also includes an outline of the how American Spaces funds were spent on the 10 highest investments of 2016 and provides an update on use of funds for the top 10 investments of 2015. In addition to numbers, the annual report features numerous examples of the impact of American Spaces on the lives of the people who visit them. The report explains the various types of American Spaces and provides a comprehensive overview of what American Spaces are and what they do.