hallway with words "We are all connected" on wall and "Home of American Spaces" in center.
Home of American Spaces

Connect, Share, Learn

American Spaces are local physical locations for foreign residents to connect – with people, with ideas and with the United States through collaboration and self-discovery. This website is the go-to, one-stop shop for resources and programming ideas for use in American Spaces. Look for useful guidance and resources in the management, programming, training and design sections.

Office of American Spaces Annual Report

The Office of American Spaces has released its second annual report, providing statistics and financial information for fiscal year 2016. The report outlines how the office’s total budget was allocated and presents numbers of visitors, programs and other data about the activities within the American Spaces. The report shows…

Social Media Analyst Rights Needed

It is important for the Office of American Spaces to have data to show the value of American Spaces. And we believe American Spaces have much broader reach and impact than shown by the visits...

American Spaces Contacts

Please make sure your IRO has the appropriate address for each American Space in his or her area. The address should be for the American Space, not a person at the American Space. Please use a gmail...