Packaged Programs from the Smithsonian Institution

Celebrating American Culture and Heritage
This program module encourages participants to think about and engage with themes and stories of U.S. immigration by highlighting the impacts of well-known inventions or entrepreneurial endeavors by U.S. immigrants.
Dream It. Design It. Do It.
This program encourages participants to think about and engage with themes and stories of U.S. innovation and entrepreneurship by highlighting well-known American entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. The program includes a hands-on innovation activity that allows participants to work through the process of invention to better understand how innovation and entrepreneurship can be used to solve everyday problems.
Civil Society Certifications
The Civil Society Certification curriculum enables facilitators to host a program or series of programs focused on the ways that photography and video can be used as tools for civic engagement. Workshops aim to build familiarity with camera and video features of mobile devices, as well as computers or tablets and offer opportunities for discussion of civil society issues. The facilitator guide has step-by-step lesson plans, activities and all printable materials needed for running programs. The Word document allows facilitators to modify handouts to meet the needs of a particular audience, if necessary.
Entrepreneur Incubator
This in-depth curriculum provides all the instructions and guidance necessary for American Spaces to lead programs or workshops on the entrepreneurial process. The curriculum is available as a Word document for customization.


Ocean Portal
The Ocean Portal and American Spaces activity page provides a thorough curriculum on ocean science and conservation.


Spark! Lab
This comprehensive facilitator packet includes five separate, hands-on activities to promote creativity and innovation.