YLAI Network Resources

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) aims to connect the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators from every country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The YLAI Network is a community of young entrepreneurs and changemakers interested in acquiring the tools, skills and connections to foster positive change in their workplaces, communities and countries. Network members have access to digital resources, training and networking opportunities with other young leaders and the chance to connect with senior leaders in business and government. American Spaces staff can stay up to date on the latest activities by joining the YLAI Network at ylai.state.gov/networkQuestions about these materials? Please email ylai@state.gov.

The programming resources and marketing materials below are provided to help American Spaces partner with local embassies and consulates to promote the YLAI Network and to develop programs to attract YLAI members to visit their American Spaces.

Programming Resources

The Online Courses and Digital Content below may be used in developing programs and may also be shared directly with American Spaces program participants or potential participants via email or social media marketing.

Online Courses 

The YLAI Network offers a collection of online educational resources to help young entrepreneurs develop their leadership, entrepreneurial and organizational skills.  

  • The courses are available to take at any time. Simply watch the video lessons and take the quiz.  Network members who successfully complete the quiz earn a personalized YLAI Network Certificate of Completion.
  • Courses can be taken individually or facilitated with a group. Each lesson includes a discussion guide and transcript that can be used to facilitate group engagement with the course material.
  • Course topics cover the fundamentals of business expansion, management strategies for people and resources, strategies for personal growth and more.

YLAI Network Digital Content

Program Planning Resources

These resources should only be used to develop programs or create handouts or outreach materials and should not be distributed directly with visitors or potential program participants.

YLAI Network 2018 Events and Campaigns

This calendar outlines anticipated 2018 campaigns for continued engagement of the YLAI Network. Visit the YLAI home page for information about the latest campaign and to download the campaign graphics. Graphics for the January campaign are available at https://ylai.state.gov/health. Please contact ylai@state.gov for information about developing programming around the campaigns.

Hosting Groups for Online Courses

This guide explains how to organize a group to take the online course together. Use this resource to create a program around one of the online courses. How to facilitate a YLAI Network online course (PDF download)

Planning an Event?

Are you interested in gathering YLAI Network members at your location to participate in a program or highlight upcoming opportunities? Use this link to request an email message or invitation be shared with members of the YLAI Network in your area.

Marketing Materials

These resources should only be used to create handouts or other outreach and programming materials and should not be distributed directly with visitors or potential program participants.

YLAI Youth Network Overview
Download and print this flyer explaining the YLAI Youth Network to hand out to your visitors.





Use these resources for display at your American Space to increase awareness of the YLAI Network and its offerings. Please note: File formats vary by item, but include Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS, JPG, PDF and PNG. All files are high-resolution, but please consult your local printer on which format is best for your use. File size is listed if greater than 1 MB.

Business Card – double-sided business card, standard size
Side 2

Bookmark double-sided YLAI bookmark, tri-fold size
Side 1


Side 2


Palm Card 4-inch by 6-inch, double-sided handout describing the YLAI Network
Side 2


Pop-up Banner graphic for a roll-up banner approximately 7 feet tall by 6 feet wide
Poster 24-inch by 36-inch poster promoting the YLAI Network
Step and Repeat Backdrop large backdrop with YLAI logo in a repeating pattern, approximately 7.5 feet tall, 11.5 feet wide
Sticker round sticker with the YLAI logo and website information