Media Literacy Curriculum

With the goal of assisting young readers in becoming savvy consumers and disseminators of fact-based news, the office of the Regional Public Engagement Specialist in the American Center in New Delhi developed Digital Citizenship 101 (DC101) (PDF 910 kb), a series of media literacy workshops.

Based on educational content available through the highly acclaimed Newseum in Washington, DC., the workshop series opens with a concise introduction to news literacy and gradually escalates into more serious conversations about media ethics. The lesson plans include image and video clips, discussion points and group activities. The curriculum encourages maximum participant interactivity and inclusiveness —  participants work on assignments in small groups and present their cases to the full audience, stimulating additional discussion.

The DC101 curriculum allows for flexibility in frequency and time required. To sustain the interest of the participants, it can be conducted weekly or every other week. This curriculum is based on a six-part series of workshops, but additional Newseum resources are available to create even longer programs. For additional information about the DC101 series, please contact Sarah Ziebell (

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