American Spaces Live Webinars

American Spaces Live webinars provide an opportunity for American Spaces practitioners to share best practices, discuss innovative programming, and ask each other questions. These series are streamed onto our Facebook group on a regular basis. Here are previous videos in case you missed them:

Americana Box

  • Americana Box: How are American Space reaching audiences with low bandwidth? In this webinar, American Spaces in Paraguay discusses their Americana Box program that brings American Spaces to key audiences. They have compiled their resources here and translated them into English and international Spanish.
  • So, what’s in these boxes? Here’s a handbook and this folder has everything your space needs to make your own boxes, including editable graphics, logos, activities, and video scripts. If you have questions after watching the webinar, send us an email.

Alumni Engagement

  • How are American Spaces Engaging with Alumni? – This webinar explores different ways American Spaces can engage with the alumni of U.S. government-funded exchange programs. The Office of Alumni Affairs talks about the various programs and grants and American Spaces in Guatemala and Armenia discuss innovative ways to work with alumni.
  • Fulbright Engagement – A presenter from the Fulbright Program discusses its 75th Anniversary, history, and various programs. An alumna of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant program discusses her experiences and best practices, and an American Corner in Hungary illustrates how engagement of Fulbright alumni and scholars has yielded impactful programs and exchanges.


  • Newsletters – American Spaces from Italy, Côte d’Ivoire, and Argentina discuss how they use newsletters to communicate with their audiences. Here’s a link to their newsletters and presentations.
  • EducationUSA and Social Media Best Practices – EdUSA Advisors in Mexico and Costa Rica and Program Officer in D.C. discuss best practices in social media and how American Spaces can work more closely with EdUSA.

Immersive Media

Managing your Space

  • Volunteers – American Spaces Moldova discuss how their national network of volunteers not only benefit their American Spaces but also the volunteers themselves.
  • How to Better Collect Data? – In this webinar, American Spaces Ukraine shares this Google Sheet template that any American Space can use to more accurately capture its statistics. Also, American Spaces data expert provides some impressive statistics about the global network of American Spaces.

Makerspaces Series

Virtual Programming Series

Regional Programming