The Founding of America Resource Toolkits

We’ve created two new resource toolkits centered on the American Revolution (PDF 806 KB) and the U.S. Constitution (PDF 1.1 MB). These toolkits are designed to help American Spaces share the story of America’s remarkable founding.

The American Revolution Resource Toolkit provides links to lesson plans, online and printable museum exhibits, online courses, videos, articles, and immersive media and 360 videos that can be accessed with virtual reality headsets. The toolkit features the Museum of the American Revolution, which has a large collection of digital resources, including educational materials to support virtual field trips.

The U.S. Constitution Resource Toolkit also provides links to lesson plans, articles, videos, immersive media, as well as online games and Kanopy documentaries. The toolkit highlights the National Constitution Center where you can access a video series, an interactive Constitution, maker activities and crafts, games, and virtual tours.