hallway with words "We are all connected" on wall and "Home of American Spaces" in center.
Home of American Spaces

Connect, Share, Learn

American Spaces are local places for foreign residents to connect – with people, with ideas and with the United States through collaboration and self-discovery. The Office of American Spaces has redesigned this website to be a comprehensive resource for the most current and relevant information available to support managers, coordinators and operators of American Spaces in providing those experiences to their visitors.

We are excited to introduce a Community Forum. This was created to enable everyone working with American Spaces around the world to connect, help each other, learn and share creative ways to engage audiences in your communities and to achieve your goals. Register to start contributing your thoughts and ideas and make the Forum a vibrant sharing space for our community.

All useful resources have been migrated into sections titled management, programming, training and design. A fully revised all-digital American Spaces handbook is part of the management section. A communications section describes the various channels and their purposes, while the pages about us provide background information. Our goal is for this site to be the go-to, one-stop shop for everything American Spaces!


Small icon with words "Managing American Spaces."Got Questions?
The American Spaces Handbook is in the process of being revised as a “living” digitized document. As it is developing, it will provide practical information to help American Spaces leaders and staff — including American Corner coordinators and staff and Binational Center staff — manage American Spaces.

Got Analytics?
To help us show the full reach and impact of American Spaces, we are asking American Spaces to share analyst rights to their social media properties. It is easy and does not

allow anyone to access or change content. It just helps us learn what works best in showcasing American Spaces. Contact americanspaces@state.gov for instructions.