Managing Your Space

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Among the tools of successful management are an annual strategic plan; the American Spaces standards; evaluating the impact of the American Space on visitors; using data to make future decisions about programming and use of space; creative and motivational staff management; and understanding the elements of building strong community partnerships.

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American Spaces Handbook

In January 2017, the American Spaces Handbook became a “living” digitized document that is in the process of being revised. As it is developing, it will provide practical information to help American Spaces leaders and staff — including American Corner coordinators and staff and Binational Center staff — successfully manage American Spaces.

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Design your Space

Recommendations for space design, furniture and finish selections, graphics and more to support a variety of programmatic goals and facilitate visitor engagement.


American Spaces Standards

Guidelines for the services and programs an American Space should offer, the resources that should be available, and how the American Space should look and feel to a visitor.

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Vision of a Modern American Space

A modern American Space is a physical venue for public engagement with foreign target audiences in support of United States foreign policy objectives.

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Branding Resources for American Spaces

The Office of American Spaces maintains a Branding Guide and branding materials to assist official American Spaces in marketing their affiliation with the U.S. government.