Downloadable Posters

Posters can complement a range of programming topics as well as create a strong visual connection with the U.S. inside the physical location of an American Space. All the posters below, arranged by topic, can be downloaded and printed locally. Questions, suggestions or requests to obtain the original design files for additional language customization can be sent to

U.S. National Parks

This poster celebrates U.S. National Parks — inspirational and restorative travel destinations for millions of visitors from the United States and around the world.  In the words of former U.S. National Park Service Director George Hartzog, Jr: “Each park contributes to a deeper understanding of the history of the United States and our way of life…. and to the enrichment of the environment in which we live.”

English, Spanish

Celebrating Pride 2019

Join with the United States in celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) Pride Month during the month of June.  This poster proudly affirms the U.S. commitment of protecting and defending the human rights of all people, including LGBTI individuals.

English, Spanish



Religious Freedom: A Basic Right

This poster celebrates religious freedom — a fundamental right in the United States.  The nation’s founders insisted on free religious choice.  Today, all major world religions are present in the United States and people of all faiths practice freely.

English, Spanish


Preserve the Earth 2019 Poster and Commemorative Postcard Set

This poster highlights the importance of pollinators.  Without pollinators, such as birds and bees, we would not have the abundant fruits and vegetables that we enjoy.  On Earth Day and every day, let’s get the word out that we need to protect #pollinators.

Poster:  English,  ArabicChineseFrench,  PortugueseRussianSpanishUrdu;    Postcards:   English

Vaccines: Vital for Global Health

Infectious diseases are everywhere, but vaccines can keep us healthy. Some diseases are deadly. Epidemics can kill thousands of people. Before vaccines, that is exactly what happened. Help increase awareness about vaccines. #VaccinesWork

English, Spanish

Apollo 11: "We Came in Peace for All Mankind."

This poster highlights the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and features Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin as photographed by Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969.  The Apollo 11 moon landing is a testament to the human spirit and ingenuity.

English, ArabicChineseFrench, PortugueseRussianSpanishUrdu 

Stop Human Trafficking

This poster can be used for programs on raising awareness of and combatting human trafficking.  Human trafficking affects every country, and ending this trafficking is a responsibility we all share.


Disabilities Rights & Empowerment

This poster features the inspirational spirit of Helen Keller and highlights how empowering and including people with disabilities is good for everyone. The poster also presents ways we can empower people with disabilities, such as with accessible buildings and transportation, equal educational opportunities, and more.



This entrepreneurship poster not only inspires, but also points aspiring entrepreneurs to additional information on how to start a new business.


Invest in Girls

This compelling poster promotes an investment in girls and in the future.  Girls who learn, earn.  Educated women help their families, their communities and their countries.


PEPFAR’s 15th Anniversary

This poster celebrates the 15th anniversary of PEPFAR, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  PEPFAR was created in 2003 to provide lifesaving services in countries hardest hit by HIV/AIDS.  Today, the PEPFAR initiative is controlling the pandemic through programs in 60 countries.

English,  Spanish

Poster Example

Celebrating Diversity

Featured are two posters celebrating diversity in the USA.  One poster includes a quote from Maya Angelou, and the other poster includes a quote from Yo-Yo Ma.

Maya Angelou – English,  Maya Angelou – Spanish, Yo-Yo Ma – English, Yo-Yo Ma – Spanish

poster example

World Press Freedom Day

This custom-made poster for American Spaces is available in English in a variety of sizes and formats. Additional languages will be added as they become available. The front depicts the dove of peace and the instrument of free expression, a pencil. The back quotes the beginning of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of speech, and includes several sections, such as this: “A free press is a safeguard against a totalitarian government that tells people what to think and how to act through a press that is not free—one that only represents the government view, excluding all others.”

English, Spanish

poster example

Preserve the Earth 2018 Poster and Commemorative Postcard Set

This beautiful original poster, illustrated by artist Cathie Bleck, depicts marine wildlife put at risk by plastic debris in our oceans: dolphins, whales, birds, seals, crabs and tiny plankton among them. Produced each year in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2018), the poster features an illustration on the front and a brief description on the back. Also available is a commemorative postcard set (below) that features the 2018 poster image along with several from previous years. The 2018 poster (above) is available in the languages listed below in PDF and JPG formats. The postcard set is available in English only in PDF.

Poster: EnglishSpanishFrenchRussianUrduPortugueseChineseArabic 

Postcards: English

poster example

Women’s History Month

In this poster, available only to American Spaces, Esperanza Spalding, a musical prodigy who was playing violin in the Chamber Music Society of Oregon at five years old, performs at the 2017 Jazz in the Gardens Music Fest in Miami Gardens, Florida.  This poster is available in PDF and JPG in five sizes.

English  Spanish

poster example

Paralympics 2018

These two posters, custom-made for American Spaces, feature prominent U.S. Paralympic athletes Thomas Walsh, of the U.S. Men’s Alpine Ski Team, and Amy Purdy, of the U.S. Women’s Snowboarding Team. These posters are available in 10 different sizes and formats in English only.

poster example

Winter Olympics

These custom posters feature two young American athletes of the American Olympics team for the Winter Games in PyeonChang, South Korea. Ted Ligety competes in Alpine skiing and Chloe Kim competes in snowboarding. The posters are available at the links below as PDFs in three sizes each.



Ted Ligety, Alpine Ski Team:  English  Spanish  Arabic  Chinese  French  Portuguese  Russian

Chloe Kim, Snowboard Team:  English  Spanish  Arabic  Chinese  French  Portuguese  Russian

poster example

Black History

This is a new poster, created specifically for American Spaces to use for Black History Month and related programming in 2018. The poster is available at the links below as a PDF in three sizes each.

Poster Example


This eye-catching poster can be used to highlight a Makerspace location or area within an American Space, or serve as a reminder to consider STEM pursuits.

English  Spanish

Free and Fair Elections

This poster promotes the importance of voting. Download English and Spanish files here.