Diplomacy Simulations

The National Museum of American Diplomacy offers education programs designed to explain the world of diplomacy. A primary component of the programs is a series of Diplomacy Simulations — hands-on exercises that enable students and teachers to directly experience the work of diplomats dealing with complex issues in critical foreign affairs topics.

The Office of American Spaces has developed a programming kit (PDF 61 kb) tailored to assisting American Spaces in facilitating the simulation exercises described below. This kit can be used in conjunction with the teacher’s guide (PDF 1 MB) found on the National Museum of American Diplomacy website. The Diplomacy Simulation topics include the following:

  • International Migration Crisis

    The Rubit minority is pouring out of Budan into Gilbia, sparking a humanitarian crisis.

  • International Nuclear Crisis

    A summit is called when Aggravalia threatens to embark on a nuclear weapons program.

  • Freshwater Crisis

    When a vital ecosystem is threatened, Yeeland and Grusa must balance economics and the environment.

  • International Wildlife Trafficking

    The seizure of a large shipment of pangolins spurs governments to confront illegal trade in animals.

  • Global Counterfeit Trade

    A deadly factory fire draws scrutiny to counterfeit goods flowing between Grenesia, Ekara, and Bayaria.

  • International HIV/AIDS Crisis

    A jump in HIV/AIDS cases threatens ties between Daymar and Lateen, causing a diplomatic crisis.

  • Peacebuilding

    In this historical scenario, global leaders negotiate to restore peace in the Darfur region of Sudan.

  • Crisis in the Ocean

    Stakeholders convene to address illegal fishing activities that are jeopardizing Hiroot’s food supply.

  • International Ebola Crisis

    The countries of Farfelu and Anyep are in the middle of an Ebola outbreak that has the potential to spread into more countries and across the globe.

  • Border Security Crisis

    When the United Republic of Parmanon (URP) separated into the two democratic nations of Parmandy and Mapon, the province of Disputia was incorporated into Mapon. However, a decade later, Parmandy claimed the province.