Vendor and Ordering Information

This information is offered in addition to the listings in the Idea Book (PDF 8 MB) and the Envisioning an American Space (PDF 4 MB) resource catalog.

Trapezoid Table Vendors and Suppliers

CHL Business Interiors
801  17th Street, NW
Suite 325
Washington, DC 20006
Tel. 202.835.1444 │ Fax 202.835.1441

This company works with trapezoid table vendor Allsteel to provide pricing and information. To complete an order, CHL would need to know:

  • The quantity of chosen Trapezoid 60”x24” table and base
  • Laminate finish for the table top
  • Paint finish for the table base
  • How would the product be ordered/paid for – purchasing may be done via purchase order or credit card
  • Where would the product be shipped:  Allsteel will ship to a point within the continental United States free of charge.  It is the responsibility of the agency/embassy to arrange shipment from that point.

Other Trapezoid Table Vendors

iPad Bars, Laptop Cabinets/Racks/Holders, and Security