eLibraryUSA is a digital collection of trusted information resources from the United States with quality newspapers, magazines, journals, books, dissertations and award-winning films and videos.


This guide and PowerPoint presentation cover searching, promoting and marketing eLibraryUSA to American Spaces visitors. Send an email to americanspaces@state.gov with your suggestions on how to improve the guide. We welcome your suggestions!


If you plan to create your own eLibraryUSA promotions, please go to the eLU Logo folder to download our logo. You can also download a hi-resolution version and a file, including the Gentium font we use on the website.


Using PressReader
(PDF Version 278 KB)
PressReader gives you access to newspapers and magazines from the U.S. and around the world. This guide will show you how to access PressReader using your eLibraryUSA account through browsers and the PressReader app.

Using Flipster
(PDF Version 325 KB)
Flipster gives you access to selected magazines from the U.S. covering current events, business, technology, and pop culture. This guide will show you how to access Flipster using your eLibraryUSA account through browsers and the Flipster app.

Kanopy Titles 
(53.5 KB)
A spreadsheet showing all of the titles available in our Kanopy collection, including recommended programming themes.


Access to eLibraryUSA can be made available without a password under the following circumstances.

1. The American Space located within a host institution has a unique IP address from the host. If the American Space has the same IP address as its host, then we cannot provide access per the licensing agreements we have in place with our database providers.

2. The American Space’s IP address is both public and static.

• Static IP addresses: These are IP addresses that do not change when the wi-fi router is rebooted. Static IP addresses usually cost extra to purchase.

• Public IP addresses: Most IP addresses are public, meaning that they can be publicly searched through resources such as What Is My IP Address. Private IP addresses are used to provide wi-fi signals locally through a router. The following IP address ranges are private and cannot be used to authenticate access: –, –, and –

For questions on IP address authentication, staff can contact the Office of American Spaces in Washington, D.C. at americanspaces@state.gov.