Guidance on American Spaces Reporting

As virtual engagement becomes more widespread, American Spaces are using a variety of technologies to reach new audiences. Starting in FY 2021, the Office of American Spaces will require reporting on virtual program statistics, though we encourage posts to begin reporting those numbers now.

We divide our programs into three different categories:
  • In-Person Programs
  • Virtual Programs
  • Blended Programs
  • Held on site at an American Space or organized by an American Space at an off-site location.
  • Does not have a virtual component (meaning a component that has interaction with online participants).

How to count an In-Person participant:

  • In-Person program attendees are the number of people that attend the program at the American Space. Any program held at an off-site location but organized by the American space also counts as an In-Person program.
  • People who attend programs at an American Space can also be counted as visits to the Space. These are two different data points that are being tracked. However:
    ○A visitor who comes to the Space but does not attend a program only counts as a visit.
    ○Attendance at an off-site event does not count as a visit.
  • For Binational Centers (BNCs), In-Person program attendees include students attending classes at the BNC. Each time a student attends class, they get counted as visits and as program attendees. BNCs should also count attendees at other programs, such as library programs, cultural events, and exhibitions.
    ○If a BNC has a branch that is doing the five core programs (English language teaching, EducationUSA advising, strategic cultural programs, alumni engagement, and information about the U.S.), please treat the branch as a unique American Space and submit their statistics separately from the main headquarters.
    ○If the branch is not running the five core programs, please include their statistics with the main headquarters’ statistics.

Examples of In-Person Programs:

  • American Corner Cape Town screens the documentary ​Women in Space​ and holds a discussion group with 58 attendees.
Name of Space Number of Visitors Number of In-Person Attendees Number of In-Person Programs
American Corner Cape Town 58 58 1
  • A student attends 12 classes over the course of the month at Alianza Binational Center in Montevideo. Each class counts as an individual program. The student counts both as a visit to Alizanza and an In-Person program attendee each time they come to class. Therefore, Alianza would report 12 visits and 12 program attendees in their monthly total for this student.
Name of Space Number of Visitors Number of In-Person Attendees Number of In-Person Programs
Alianza Montevideo 12 12 12
  • A Washington-based office of ECA offers a program that is live-streamed over Facebook, with opportunities for questions from the field. @america in Jakarta hosts a viewing party with 50 participants in the Space. Though this program has an online element, because @america did not set up the Facebook stream, @america would report 50 in-person attendees and one in-person program. For @america, this is neither a blended nor a virtual program.
Name of Space Number of Visitors Number of In-PersonAttendees Number of In-PersonPrograms
@america 50 50 1

For more information on how to count the number of programs, visit the American Spaces website:

  • Must be hosted by the American Space via an online platform.
  • Does not have an in-person audience.
  • Must include engagement online during the live program moderated by the American Space, usually through social media (such as FB Live), web chat platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat, or video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.
    ○Videos posted to social media (with no interactive component from the American Space during the live program) do not count as virtual programs, but instead as social media engagement.

How to count a Virtual Participant:

  • Must attend a virtual event online.
  • For video conferencing, use the number of participants during the session.
  • For live stream videos, use the number of views at the conclusion of the event.
    ○You can also go back to the live stream video at the end of the reporting month to capture the total number of views.
  • For live text-based chats:
    ○If you are using a text-based app for programmatic efforts, please reach out to the Office of American Spaces, and we will work with you to provide detailed guidance on measurement.
  • Do not include virtual program attendees in the number of visits.

Examples of Virtual Programs:

  • American Center Abidjan runs a class for 250 virtual students on leadership via Google Classroom.
Name of Space Number of Virtual Attendees Number of Virtual Programs
American Center Abidjan 250 1
  • American Space Ulaanbaatar hosts a Google Hangout on women’s empowerment with 200 online participants.
Name of Space Number of Virtual Attendees Number of Virtual Programs
American Space Ulaanbaatar 200 1
  • Must be hosted by the American Space.
  • Has a live audience at the American Space or at an off-site location.
  • Must also include a virtual element, such as engagement with people outside the American Space, usually through social media, texting apps, or video conferencing platforms.

How to count a Blended Program Participant:

  • Use the guidelines for both In-Person and Virtual attendees to determine the total number of Blended Program attendees.
  • Blended Programs and Blended Program Attendees have their own columns in the datasheet. Do not include In-Person attendees at Blended Programs in the In-Person Attendees column, and do not include virtual attendees at Blended Programs in the Virtual Attendees column.
  • In-Person attendees at Blended Programs should be included with the Number of Visits if the program took place at the American Space.

Examples of blended programs:

  • America House Ukraine streams a panel discussion on-site with local business leaders in front of a live audience of 45 attendees. The stream receives 350 views.
Name of Space Number of Visitors Number of Blended Program Attendees Number of Blended Programs
America House Ukraine 45 395 1
  • The American Corner in Belgrade hosts a speaker event at a nearby auditorium with 100In-Person program attendees. It is also broadcast via Facebook Live with 450 views.
Name of Space Number of Visitors Number of BlendedProgram Attendees Number of BlendedPrograms
American Corner Belgrade 0 550 1
  • Lincoln Learning Center (LLC) Faizabad initiates a Zoom session to connect with American Space Khorugh to debate the role of government in limiting speech online. American Space Khorugh has 20 In-Person attendees, while LLC Faizabad has 22in-person attendees. LLC Faizabad also live streams the program on its Facebook page and sees that 50 people viewed the program online. ​This is a special case.​ BothSpaces would count this as a blended program and count their own In-Person participants as their own blended program attendees. Unlike in the cases above, neither space counts in-person attendees at the ​other​ Space among their virtual attendees, when coming up with the total number of blended attendees. However, since the program has virtual attendees who are not part of either Space’s In-Person Program, they should be included in the data for the Space that initiated the online component of the meeting. Therefore, LLC Faizabad counts the online participants in their blended program attendees total.
Name of Space Number of Visitors Number of Blended Program Attendees Number of BlendedPrograms
American Space Khorugh 20 20 1
Lincoln Learning Center Faizabad 22 72 1

At this time, the Office of American Spaces is not requiring Spaces to report social media engagement statistics. Please keep in mind that social media posts may involve interaction with social media audiences (followers, friends, etc.), but they are different from virtual programs in that there is no initial live event with Space-moderated interaction with a virtual audience.