eLibraryUSA Terms of Use


Permitted Use: Access to eLibraryUSA (eLU) is permitted onsite at American Spaces. Host institutions of the American Spaces must be official partners of the United States Government in order to provide access to eLibraryUSA. American Spaces staff should not share eLU passwords with visitors to avoid off-site or remote access. Staff should instead, log users on to the computers in the Spaces.

Fees: There should be no fees involved with the access or use of eLibraryUSA.

Copyright: Users are expected to follow the copyright rules of the United States. Printing and dissemination of multiple copies of articles are not allowable in most cases without permission from the author.

Printing and Distribution of Materials: Information available on eLibraryUSA may not be printed and distributed to the public. An exception to this rule is printing materials for group activities taking place at the American Spaces.

For questions on copyright, printing, or the distribution of eLU material, staff can contact the Office of American Spaces in Washington, D.C. at americanspaces@state.gov.

American Spaces found in violation of any of the terms above may lose access to eLibraryUSA.


The U.S. Department of State’s privacy policy is available on the main website.