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Global Entrepreneurship Week Toolkit

This toolkit (PDF 481 KB) provides resources for conducting programming for the Global Entrepreneurship Week held in November. The information and resources in this kit come from Global Entrepreneurship Network’s website at , as well as from the website of the Office of the American Spaces.

Global Health Resource Toolkit

Global health covers a range of health-related issues, including disease outbreaks, nutrition, and environmental health. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), consider conducting health related programming at your Space in coordination with your U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This Global Health Resource Toolkit (PDF 993 KB) provides links to lesson plans, articles, videos,  and games, as well as the DIY Smithsonian Outbreak exhibit , which can …

Disabilities Awareness Toolkit

This Disabilities Awareness Toolkit (PDF 637 KB) provides links to videos, teacher guides, and articles to be used in programming to create a greater awareness of issues that persons with disabilities face and how the United States works to ensure they have equal rights.

Black History Month Toolkit Available

Each February, the United States celebrates African-American History Month, also known as Black History Month. This annual celebration recognizes the achievements by African Americans and their central role in U.S. history. This Resource Toolkit (PDF 774 KB) contains lesson plans, videos, photos, exhibits, articles, and PowerPoint slides to be used at American Spaces to recognize the achievements by African Americans and …