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The Online Courses, Videos, and Digital Content below may be used in developing programs and may also be shared directly with American Spaces program participants or potential participants via email or social media marketing, unless otherwise noted.

Online Courses and Video Vignettes 

  • The YALI Network offers over 30 Online Courses and 6 Video Vignette Series that cover issues like women’s rights, business and entrepreneurship, media literacy, and civic engagement. To learn more, watch this video.
  • The YALI Network Online Courses and Video Vignette Series are available for free at and in English, French, and Portuguese.
  • The YALI Network Online Courses and Vignetter Series Guides containing more in-depth course information and quiz answer keys is available for internal use only.


  • YALILearns is an initiative to promote shared learning and collaboration among young African leaders through the use of the YALI Network Online Courses and Video Vignette Series.
  • The courses and videos can be used individually or facilitated with a group. Each course lesson includes a discussion guide and transcript that can be used to facilitate group engagement with the course material.
  • Many of the courses and videos have facilitation guides to help plan sessions. If available, these resources can be found at
  • YALILearns sessions can also be conducted virtually. The YALILearns Virtual session Toolkit and Infographic can be found at

YALI Network Digital Content

  • YALI Network Resources: All digital content, such as toolkits, podcasts, short videos and blogs to help young leaders develop their leadership, entrepreneurial, public management, and civic leadership skills can be found at this link to use as supplemental programming resources.
  • The YALI Network Resources available in French and Portuguese can also be found at our and
  • YALI Network Professional Development Hub: A large collection of resources, developed in conjunction with experts and practitioners, to assist your audiences in the areas of career growth, business growth, and community growth.
  • The YALI Network has Evergreen Social Media and Content Toolkits covering UN Days, women’s rights, media literacy, health, entrepreneurship, and civic participation.
  • YALI Network Social Media Platforms: