Design Your Space

Idea Book 2.0

is a branding and design resource for all American Spaces. This digital book, updated from the original Idea Book created in 2013, provides recommendations for space design, furniture and finish selections, graphics and more to support a variety of programmatic goals and to facilitate visitor engagement. We hope these design ideas and concepts stimulate your creativity and help you enhance and enliven your space.



Envisioning an American Space

provides U.S. government public diplomacy staff in the field, the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, institutional partners or anyone tasked with identifying an effective physical venue for public diplomacy with suggestions and considerations for assessing suitability as an American Space. The resource explores options for spaces of different sizes and identifies important facility, design and programming capability considerations.

Other Design Resources

Guidance for working with an Architecture & Engineering Firm on renovation projects (.pdf)
Tips for leading a focus group to inform your redesign (.pdf)