Alumni Engagement Toolkit

To increase mutual understanding and assist in the development of peaceful relations, the U.S. government supports a variety of exchange programs in countries across the world, such as Fulbright, IVLP, UGRAD, SUSI, YALI, YLAI, and YSEALI (See full list here). Engagement with alumni of these programs is one of the Six Core Programming Pillars of the American Spaces.

This Alumni Engagement Toolkit provides American Spaces with tips and resources on how to connect alumni of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs with American Spaces networks. Whether they lead programs in American Spaces, share their U.S. experience, or serve on advisory boards, alumni consistently enhance the effectiveness of programming at American Spaces. Some programs at Spaces are designed to benefit and engage the alumni themselves, such as hosting alumni association activities or offering professional development or networking opportunities. Often leading experts in their fields, alumni have an understanding of both American and local culture and language that enables them to present American perspectives in a way that resonates with local audiences.