Social Media Playbook – November



Background/ Key Messages:

This month’s ECA Playbook theme is #StudyWithUS, marking the global recognition of international education, its impacts and its strategic imperative. #StudyWithUs is a theme being used to encourage international audiences to study in the United States – from high school students to undergraduate students, and more. #StudyWithUs, while rooted in EducationUSA, also has far-reaching relevance across the Bureau and with myriad stakeholders, such as BridgeUSA, youth, Hispanic Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, alumni, etc. Explore ways this month that are authentic and relevant to share how your programs have connectivity with this theme. Have a question? Just ask –

This thematic playbook provides guidance on how to engage your digital audience, as appropriate, from academic institutions in the United States and abroad or foreign governments to high school or college students considering international study and their families. It includes suggested hashtags, emojis, a link to design assets, and sample social media content.

Key Dates:

  • 11/08 – #STEMDay
  • 11/13/-17 – International Education Week Theme “International Education is the Future”
    • 11/13 – “Open Doors to the Future”
      • The 2023 Open Doors report launches on November 13 and provides data and trend information that shows the depth and reach of international education on communities around the world.
    • 11/14 – “You are the Future!”
      • If you can see it, you can be it! Focus on Gilman, other scholarship opportunities, etc. HBCUs, HSIs, etc.
    • 11/15 – “The Future Is Global”
      • Focus on Study Abroad, #StudyWithUS
    • 11/16 – “Innovate the Future”
      • Focus on STEM and innovation across fields
    • 11/17 – “Lead the Future”
      • Focus on Alumni

Important Links:


  • #ExchangeOurWorld
  • #StudyWithUS
  • #OpenDoorsReport
  • #IEW2023


  • X (formerly known as Twitter) @ECAatState; @ECA_AS; @StateDept
  • Instagram: @ExchangeOurWorld; @StateDept
  • Facebook: @ExchangeProgramsatState; @U.S. Department of State

Social Media Posts:

Sample posts are written for X. If you post on a different platform, please substitute appropriate handles.

  • Studying in the United States offers new opportunities in the classroom, in the research lab, and in the workforce, while also creating cultural connections. #StudyWithUS
  • This month, @ECAatState will feature international education exchange opportunities – like study abroad and Fulbright – that provide a transformative experience and create the next generation of leaders. #StudyWithUS
  • This #InternationalEducationWeek learn about the benefits of a global education. Join @StateDept & @USEDGOV to promote cross-cultural experiences and academic excellence. #IEW2023 #StudyWithUS
  • The U.S is home to some of the world’s leading universities in #STEM. From computer science to biotechnology, there’s something for everyone – go to @EducationUSA and learn how you can #StudyWithUS
  • Watch: Learn from students from around the world share about their #StudyWithUS experience. cc @EducationUSA.
  • #BridgeUSA offers exchange programs for international students to study in the U.S. and experience American culture. Check out the opportunities:

Social Media for Specific Dates

  • 11/08 STEM
    • Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) programs? Check out @ECAatState for engaging programs and mentorship opportunities for students and professionals. #STEMDay #StudyWithUS
    • This #STEMDay, @ECAatState encourages students & professionals to #StudyWithUS & explore opportunities as the next generation of innovators in STEM. Check out ECA’s STEM programs:
  • 11/13-17 International Education Week