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What: This social media toolkit for the upcoming UN Climate Conference (COP28) highlights the U.S. commitment to foster action by and collaboration among governments, private sector actors, and civil society partners to create innovative solutions to address the climate crisis.  The toolkit is for use by posts to amplify messaging around U.S. goals at COP28 and our leadership in addressing the climate crisis. 

Date: November 30 – December 12, 2023 

Why:  COP28 has three mandated outcomes: the first ever Global Stocktake to assess progress since the Paris Agreement was signed, a Global Goal on Adaptation, and funding arrangements for loss and damage.  At COP28, the United States will also seek to encourage partners around the world to raise their ambition to cut emissions of greenhouse gas pollution and to mobilize finance for climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.  As the host of COP28, the United Arab Emirates has set specific days to highlight several important themes including health, relief; recovery, and peace; nature, land use, and oceans; energy, industry, just transition, and indigenous peoples; finance, trade, gender equality and accountability; youth, children, education and skills; multilevel action, urbanization and build environment, transport; food, agriculture, and water.  Cross-cutting themes include technology and innovation, inclusion, frontline communities, and finance. 

Theme: COP28 U.S. Climate Leadership 

Full Toolkit Materials:COP28 Social Media Toolkit 

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November 29: Day Before 

  • #COP28 starts tomorrow. The United States will be there to work with our global partners towards solutions that prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis and ensure communities around the world can better withstand the impact of climate change.  
  • Starting December 2, the @US_Center at #COP28 will host over 60 events highlighting innovative solutions to the climate crisis and diverse voices taking climate action across the United States.  

November 30: Opening 

  • #COP28 is officially open in Dubai! The U.S. is encouraging all countries to take the necessary actions required to prevent the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis and achieve a safe and sustainable future for all.  
  • The @US_Center will host 60+ events during @COP28_UAE featuring a variety of government, nonprofit, and private sector leaders speaking about their actions to tackle the #climatecrisis. Join us in person or tune in live on our website:  

December 1 and 2: World Climate Action Summit 

  • The United States – at all levels of government – is acting to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. We encourage partners around the world to accelerate action to cut pollution across all sectors and pollutants. [include link: Climate Crisis – United States Department of State]  
  • The U.S climate agenda is about following through on our commitments and advancing global climate solutions.  The recent National Climate Assessment outlines the impacts of the #climatecrisis on the United States and talks about solutions.  [include link: Fifth National Climate Assessment |] @usgcrp  
  • According to the latest models, the world must rapidly transition to clean energy to prevent the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis. The U.S. is on track to 3x wind generation and 7-8x solar generation by 2030 compared to 2022, aiming for 100 percent clean electricity by 2035.  

December 3: Health / Relief, Recovery, and Peace  

  • Today, @COP28_UAE is hosting the first-ever Health Day. The #climatecrisis is affecting people’s health around the world, including increased heat-related deaths, air pollution impacting developing lungs, & impacts on healthcare services. The U.S. is taking action: [include link:]  @hhsgov  
  • Increased contact between animals and people due to #climatechange and deforestation raises the risk of future disease outbreaks. The U.S. is tackling drivers of zoonotic disease spillover to strengthen health security at home and abroad. [include link: Homepage | STOP Spillover] #COP28  
  • Climate change drives conflict around the world, so @COP28_UAE has organized the first COP thematic day on Relief, Recovery, & Peace. Join us as we discuss our approach to issues at the nexus of climate change, peace, & security @StateCSO [include link:  The U.S. Center – YouTube, “Advancing Resilience and Peacebuilding in a Changing Climate”]  

December 4: Finance /Trade /Gender Equality /Accountability  

  • The U.S. is committed to scaling up finance for solutions to the #climatecrisis and to build resilience in countries most affected by the climate crisis through #PREPARE. At #COP28, we are advocating to align global financial flows with the goals of the Paris Agreement.  

The United States supports the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in green energy jobs to bolster innovation and extend the benefits of the blue and green economies to all.  

December 5: Energy, Industry /Just Transition /Indigenous People  

  • The world must rapidly adopt renewable and zero-carbon power, zero-emissions vehicles, and other clean technologies to address the #climatecrisis.  
  • Decarbonizing the energy sector is key to limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The U.S. is on track to meet President Biden’s ambitious goal of an emissions-free power sector by 2035—while creating jobs, lowering costs, and improving air quality along the way.  
  • Non-CO2 greenhouse gases (GHGs) contribute half of today’s warming—but receive less than half of global attention. The U.S. is driving global action to cut non-CO2 GHGs, including through the #GlobalMethanePledge along with 150+ other countries.  
  • Opportunities for the fastest, deepest, and cheapest methane reduction solutions are from the oil and gas sector. @IEA estimates that over 75% of methane emissions from oil and gas can be eliminated with existing technology, and half can be abated at no net cost.   
  • The clean energy system will depend on diverse, sustainable and transparent #criticalminerals supply chains for clean energy.  Diversifying the extraction, processing, and recycling of these minerals can only succeed if new projects adhere to the highest ESG standards.  

December 6: Multilevel Action, Urbanization and Built environment / Transport 

  • To avoid the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis, the world needs new partnerships in critical areas like buildings, transport, waste, water, and energy. Today @COP28_UAE the U.S is highlighting efforts by U.S. government and private sector organizations – and calling for more.  
  • In the U.S., the transportation sector is the largest contributor to the greenhouse gas pollution driving the climate crisis and offers a big opportunity to curb pollution. @USDOT is working to increase availability and access to clean transportation options across the board. [include link: Climate Action | US Department of Transportation]   

December 8: Youth, Children, Education and Skills  

  • Today, #COP28 is focusing on the impact of the climate crisis on youth and highlighting the contributions young people are making to climate solutions.  The United States is committed to take bold action now for future generations.  
  • We are thrilled to celebrate the first year of the Forest & Climate Leaders Partnership #FCLP with @SamuelAJinapor and all 32 members. We’ve made progress this year, but there is still lots to do to #EndDeforestationby2030  

December 9: Nature, Land Use, and Oceans  

  • Healthy coastal & marine ecosystems are key to resilience of communities around the world – especially those living near the ocean. The [United States emoji] is taking action domestically and globally to conserve or protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. #30×30  
  • We’re working to keep aquatic #bluefoods on the table! Fisheries & aquaculture provide food security for billions of people. The U.S. is engaging globally to promote climate-resilient, sustainably managed blue foods through initiatives like @USAID’s @FeedtheFuture. [include link: Feed the Future | Improving Food Security & Nutrition Around the World]
  • Every year, the world loses 25 million acres of tropical forests to deforestation. The U.S. is working with partners in key ecosystems, like the Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia to protect nature and support communities that depend on forests for their livelihoods.  
  • Tackling the climate crisis requires halting deforestation and investing in nature. This year @USAID protected 150 million acres of lands like tropical forests.  
  • We must halt global forest loss and degradation by 2030, and restore ecosystems at scale, to maintain a path to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and prevent the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis.  
  • Ending deforestation is one of the most immediate ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Restoring ecosystems captures and stores carbon while supporting livelihoods, conserving biodiversity, and promoting clean water.  

December 10: Food, Agriculture and Water 

  • Climate-smart agriculture is not just a concept, it’s a necessity. Programs like Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate [include link: AIM for Climate], which has doubled investment to more than $17 billion in the past year, are critical to addressing climate change and strengthening global food systems.  
  • Agriculture is crucial to both feeding the world and addressing #ClimateChange. At #COP28, the U.S. is committed to working with our partners to address global food needs while continuing to make progress on innovative approaches to climate-smart agricultural practices. (link to U.S. Center event: ) 
  • At #COP28, @USDA is sharing the historic investments @POTUS has made to expand programs and resources to farmers to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices. U.S. investment, commitment, and coordination are critical to reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • Climate solutions are water solutions. @USAID has committed to mobilize $1 billion for water and sanitation services to make sure people and communities around the world have the water they need to thrive. Learn more [include link:]  
  • Today, #COP28 is focused on #foodsystems.  With over 750 million people undernourished or in need of food assistance, building resilient & sustainable #foodsystems is a global priority. Learn more about the U.S. hunger initiative @FeedtheFuture’s efforts to #endhunger: [include link: 

December 11-12: Final Negotiations 

  • Today is the final day of #COP28, but the work to build a sustainable healthy future for our communities and the planet will continue throughout this decisive decade. Follow @SciDiplomacyUSA and @ClimateEnvoy for more on ongoing U.S. international efforts.  

Facebook and Instagram Posts:

World Climate Action Summit at COP28 

  • The United States – at all levels of government and in the private sector – is acting to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. We encourage partners around the world to accelerate action to cut emissions across all economic sectors and all greenhouse gases. At the UN Climate Conference (COP28), the United States is highlighting how we are working to follow through on our commitments and to advance global climate solutions.  Learn more about how we are mobilizing at home and abroad for a healthy, livable planet for generations to come. [Link to Climate Crisis – United States Department of State

INITIATIVE – Adaptation/Resilience  

  • A key goal at the UN Climate Conference (COP28) is to develop a framework to guide global efforts to adapt to the effects of climate change that we are already seeing. The Global Goal on Adaptation aims to help communities around the world strengthen their resilience and reduce vulnerability to natural disasters and other shocks linked to climate change. 

INITIATIVE – Global Stocktake 

  • The first global stocktake under the Paris Agreement will assess the world’s collective progress towards meeting the Paris Agreement’s three long-term goals — temperature, adaptation, and finance.    
  • To keep a path open to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, the United States is advocating for all economic sectors and all greenhouse gases, including non-CO2 super-pollutants like methane, to be included in planning. 


  • The United States is empowering women to tackle climate change head-on. Through the U.S.-ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy, we are connecting and consulting with emerging community leaders from across the region to develop innovative and inclusive climate policy. #COP28 

CROSS-CUTTING THEMES: Frontline Communities 

  • Through President Biden’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE) plan, the United States is working with its partners to help half a billion people in developing countries, including women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples, build resilience to the climate crisis. Through PREPARE, the U.S is working with the 

UN Secretary General and other partners to bring climate information and early warning systems to the one-third of the global population, including 60 percent of people in Africa, who do not currently have access to these services to inform their decisions about how to address climate risks. #COP28 


  • The United States is working with other contributors to meet the collective goal of mobilizing U.S. $100 billion per year in climate finance.  The United States is delivering on its commitments and working with Multinational Development Banks and others to ensure that funding for clean energy transitions and building resilience reaches the communities most impacted and vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis. #COP28 

Instagram Story Quiz:    

  1. Which country is hosting the UN Climate Conference? United Kingdom – United Arab Emirates – United States – Egypt   
  2. # of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change? 192 – 180 – 155 – 139  
  3. When did the UNFCCC first open for signature? 1987 – 1992 – 2001 – 2015   
  4. What actions are being taken to address the climate crisis? Cutting methane emissions – Building resilient infrastructure – Private sector innovation – All of the above and more 


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