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This Resource Toolkit is designed for programming at American Spaces to create a greater awareness of the American Revolution, its historical context, and its impact on democracy around the world.


Public Broadcasting Service

American Revolution – Colonial Williamsburg has created a wide array of teaching materials for all English levels here. This lesson is a thorough overview of the war, its causes, and impacts.


The Revolutionary War or American Revolution (1775- 1783) was waged by the American colonies against Britain. No one event caused the war. American colonists were unhappy with how they were being treated by the British Crown and Parliament. They wanted the rights enjoyed by all Englishmen. With increased taxes, the American Revolution was a rebellion that saw a small fledgling nation win its freedom from the greatest military power of its time.

The American Revolution was fought because the colonists believed freedom and liberty was their birthright. It is a concept that has influenced political ideas and revolutions around the world. As President Ronald Reagan said, the American Founders brought about a “true revolution” in which they did not simply “exchange one set of rulers for another set of rulers.” Instead, they did something different: they developed and fought for the idea that people have the right and the ability to determine their own destiny.


Online Museum Exhibitions

Printable Exhibit

  • Price of Freedom: Americans at War – This exhibit from Smithsonian’s American History Museum covers the War for Independence with printable graphics and images of artifacts.

eShop Collection

American Revolution This eShop collection includes a selection of books and videos that may be used for programs to engage target audiences.

ShareAmerica Articles

Online Course

American Revolution – Covering the period from 1754-1800, this Khan Academy course designed for American high school students provides a thorough overview with activities and tests.


Located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, this museum has excellent online resources that can be used to run virtual field trips and experience the museum in virtual reality.

  • Virtual Tour – With 360 videos, you can access this museum virtually with a VR headset, your phone, or a computer. Consider projecting it on a big screen.
  • Virtual Field Trip – Complete with a teacher guide, list of vocabulary terms, and access to videos your audiences can experience the American Revolution from anywhere.
  • Collections and Educational Resources – This site allows users to interact with digital archives from the museum as well as complete lesson plans for teachers and mini lessons that American Spaces volunteers could use to run programs.


  • Revolution and the New Nation – From PBS this site provides explainer videos, lessons, and media galleries.
  • George Washington – This PBS collection of videos and interactive media showing Washington’s role in the War for Independence.
  • Liberty Kids – This 40-episode historical fiction cartoon series provides a fun way to practice English and learn about the American Revolution.


Tour the historic homes of former U.S. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with 360 videos using your VR set, phone, a computer, or a big screen.

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Updated May 2024