Virtual Programming Resources

Lots of resources can help your American Space create impactful programming. Check out these links for creating virtual program content:

  • Thematic Programming Toolkits – These kits are designed to help Spaces create programs on a specific theme. They share best practices, topical overviews, and links to curated articles, videos, lesson plans, online games, and courses.
  • Discussion Guides – To provoke thoughtful discussions, we’ve created over 50 discussion guides on videos and ECA’s 22.33 podcasts.
  • Activity Guides and Debate Kits – These provide handouts and lesson plans to run engaging sessions on key topics.

Pre-recorded Content

You don’t have to create your programs from scratch. In fact, the U.S. government has lots of recorded webinars that you can download to host a watch party. You can invite a local expert, U.S. exchange alumni, or an Embassy official to introduce the webinar and to facilitate dialogue with participants during and after the webinar.

  • Discussion guides for webinars, videos, and podcasts – We are creating more discussions for curated 22.33 podcasts, U.S. government webinars, and Ted Talks.
  • American English at State – American English at State has webinars for English teachers, as well as numerous videos for English learners.
  • #MentorTalks – The Office of Alumni Affairs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs hosts informative webinars by alumni of U.S. government sponsored exchange programs. You can learn about upcoming webinars at their Facebook page or from this site. Many American Spaces are inviting local alumni of U.S. exchange programs to host webinars. If you are running one of these events on a public-facing, social-media platform, please use #MentorTalks with your country’s two letter code. (For example, in Brazil the hashtag would be #MentorTalksBR.)
  • Interactive Hub – This website lists upcoming webinars on a range of topics.  You can also find these webinars on this YouTube channel, and if you want to download the file, you can search by the webinar name at the Content Commons site.
  • United States Agency for Global Media – This site allows you to download news clips, documentaries, and English language videos that can be used for virtual programming.
  • U.S. Foreign Press Center – These webinars designed for journalists are policy-focused.

Connecting with Virtual U.S. Speakers

  • ECA Virtual Speakers – Work with your Public Affairs section to learn about getting American experts from the Office of the U.S. Speaker Program to conduct virtual webinars with target audiences.
  • Voice of America Experts – Voice of America has well over 100 experts who are available to present via webinar in more than 60 languages. American Spaces can request a VOA expert to present on any topic.
  • Education Game Developers – 85 educational games sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education are now available online. Some of the developers may be available for webinars to discuss how they created their games. If interested, email and indicate which game you’d like to learn more about.

Virtual Conferencing Backgrounds 

  • Here is a page (png ~1MB each) with different backgrounds in various colors with the American Spaces logo that can be used for video conferencing backgrounds such as Zoom.