National Museum of American History Program Package: Expressing Freedom

This programming content module focuses primarily on three historical objects from collections at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and encourages participants to reflect on the rights they have and how they can advocate for their own rights and the rights of others. Participants will analyze the three museum objects, which relate to the history of civil rights and use them as inspiration to create an object and message that expresses their own rights and freedoms. Links to the images used in the program are below.

The MS Word version (7 MB) of the program is provided for flexibility to use portions of the package or to adapt the content to suit individual program needs.

The PDF version (1 MB) of the program is provided for sharing as a digital document or for printing.

Below are thumbnail images of each of the objects featured in the program. Below each thumbnail are links to different file types provided for each of the images, optimized for various uses. Download times will vary. These are the file types and their intended uses:

JPG: There are two different types of JPGs provided, web and print. These file sizes are typically smaller, so download times are faster than a TIF (see below). The images for the web can be integrated into social media platforms for promoting your programs. The images for print can be used on program handouts, worksheets or flyers.

TIF: These are high-resolution files intended for printing for a poster show. File sizes are large, so these will take longer to download. (Note that one of the images is not available in this format.)