National Museum of African American History & Culture Program Package

Created for American Spaces, this program package presents 15 object highlights of the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) collection – only a small fraction of the museum’s rich holdings – for use in a variety of programs. These 15 objects are intended to illustrate important moments in African American history and the broader history of the United States. Objects were selected to highlight U.S. foreign policy priority themes, which range from U.S. history and culture to civil rights, civic engagement, and women’s empowerment. This content can be used in a variety of ways and can be linked to foreign policy priority themed programming. The package contains many ideas to help you use the materials.

PDF version (1 MB) of the program package – for use and sharing as a digital document or for printing

MS Word version (3 MB) of the program package – so that American Spaces and their users can use portions of the package or adapt the content to suit individual program needs

Below are thumbnail images of each of the objects featured in the program package. Below each object are three different file types provided for each of the images, optimized for use in-person or online. Download times will vary; the file types and intended uses are listed below:

JPEG: There are two different types of JPEGs provided, web and print. File sizes are typically smaller, so download times are faster than a TIFF. The images for the web can be integrated into social media platforms for promoting your programs. The images for print can be used on program handouts, worksheets or flyers.