Farmcraft 2023

National Security Strategy: Ensuring Food Security, “Shaping the Rules of the Road”  – Technology, Biotechnology, Promoting Global Economic Growth and Trade, Building Skills Farmcraft® 2023 is an educational program that uses the popular Minecraft Education platform to enhance the understanding of the challenges faced by agricultural producers and distributors around the world. American Spaces and Embassy …

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Artificial Intelligence Resource Toolkit

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. It is typically understood as an automated system capable of analyzing data and making choices autonomously. The rapid progress in the development of AI technologies has many potential benefits, including the creation of new industries, job opportunities, …

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Media Literacy and Countering Disinformation Resource Toolkit

This Resource Toolkit (PDF 781 KB) is designed for programming at American Spaces to increase participants’ awareness of disinformation and their media literacy skills. The toolkit contains best practices, as well as links to lesson plans, videos, games, fact checking and news sites, and online courses.

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