Kamenge English Club with American diplomat

AC Kamenge English Club with American diplomat

On February 24, 2023, Lori Du Trieuille – USAID Burundi – visited and spoke at the American Corner Kamenge on the topic of “The Harlem Renaissance 1919-1939.”  Lori showed different African Americans who participated in the African American movement in Harlem. During the Great Migration (1910-1930), nearly 750,000 African Americans migrated to northern cities.

Nearly 175,000 of them settled in Harlem, making it the largest black community in the country.

Harlem the music of the South and their ambitions.

Nearly 20 participants took the opportunity to interact with the speaker, and some asked many questions about the topic, but also about studying in the United States. Note that this English club is a very popular program that provides a platform for American diplomats to meet with Burundian youth and the public who wish to practice American English in a friendly conversation.