Posters, Posters, Posters! You’ve Asked for Them. We Have Them! Do You Want More?

The Office of American Spaces is collaborating with the Publications office to bring BRAND NEW, custom-made, one-of-a-kind downloadable posters to American Spaces — many in multiple languages.

Topics include World Press Freedom Day, Earth Day, women’s history month, black history month and more. How does your American Space use posters? To complement program offerings? Create an inviting environment? Cultivate an American spirit? To keep making them available, the Office of American Spaces would like…to know how the posters are being used across the range of American Corners, Binational Centers, and American Centers.

If you appreciate these and would like to continue having access to new, custom-made posters, send us a photo of how your American Space is using one or more of those that are available now, so we can request more topics and titles to fill your walls (or web pages)! Post your photo in the American Spaces Facebook Group.

So where are these posters and how do you get them? A “catalog” page, showing thumbnail images of each poster with links to various resolutions and languages, has been created on the American Spaces website to provide a single, dedicated location. (Encore appearances of past crowd pleasers as well as a few external contributions also appear.)

Posters are available as PDFs in three sizes (resolutions), depending on intended use — high resolution for larger printouts, low resolution for smaller printouts and a lower resolution for websites or social media. There are no restrictions on the number of sizes or languages that can be downloaded. Print them out, put them up and show us how you use them!